An open, free, reliable, privacy conscious DNS resolver that uses deep learning to block adult websites.

sfw.scaleway-fr is a free public DNS resolver accessible over the DNSCrypt protocol.



Connecting to sfw.scaleway-fr requires a DNSCrypt client such as:

dnscrypt-proxy2 stamp:

To enforce safe search results on Google, Bing, Youtube, simply use dnscrypt-proxy's cloaking feature.

For time-based rules, additional filters, and whitelisting, see the dnscrypt-proxy documentation on filters.


sfw.scaleway-fr is currently hosted on a 1-XS server generously donated by Scaleway.
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What resolver am I using?

Confirm that your settings are correct by resolving resolver.dnscrypt.info:

$ dig resolver.dnscrypt.info
$ drill resolver.dnscrypt.info

This query returns the IPv4 or IPv6 address of a DNS resolver used by your device.
sfw.scaleway-fr IP address is

sfw.scaleway-fr is not affiliated with Scaleway. The service is maintained by Frank Denis <jedisct1 [at] dnscrypt [.] info>